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About GPS Coaching

IPE pro, bodybuilding, physique coach, posing coach, diet coach
Chris Goodman IPE Worlds '16

In order to make a informed decision on a coaching service, you'll want to know if the person is experienced, knowledgeable and has your best interest at heart.  I'm Chris Goodman and I understand this is a tough decision. I work with natural athletes to help them get stage ready and have a great experience.  I also enjoy teaching those who are more interested in a healthy lifestyle and how to fuel their workouts.  I've been in fitness industry since '93, starting off as an AFAA certified group fitness instructor.  Over the years, I've completed multiple certifications to help broaden my experience.  My interest soon expanded to training and competition and so I continued my education.  In 2007, I earned my ACSM PT Certification, applied what I've learned cumulatively and designed my prep/nutrition for my first ever Figure competition.  I won that show and have not looked back since.  I have ALWAYS placed in the top 5 or top 3 in every competition, eventually earning my IPE (formerly IFPA) Pro card in Women's Bodybuilding.  I even earned the title, "Best Poser" and I am most proud of that, since stage presentation can be crucial to winning.  Recently, I have added to my education by achieving my Level 1, Nutrition Coach certification from Precision Nutrition, a well renowned, science based training certification.  What I have learned over the years, I would love to share with you.  As I continue my education, read literature, college textbooks and absorb anything from more experienced coaches, I discover how much more I can learn.  A good coach will not settle....they will always want to grow.

            Healthy Lifestyle Client

This is perfect for the person who is looking to make a change in their health and their way of living.  Whether it's for weight loss or lifestyle, we will work together on nutrition tracking and if chosen, training.  In weight loss, 70% of our effort should be placed on proper nutrition while cardio should be as low as 5%.  Resistance training will help build muscle, add shape and create tone that will translate into a better metabolism.

Our objective would be to learn long term skills on fueling the body, adjusting nutrition for specific goals and understanding balanced training.

            Competition Prep

This is a more detailed program and a lot more attention is given to the Competition Client.  Nutrition and cardio will be more controlled and customized to the individual client's needs.  Weekly Skype or FaceTime check in's along with other monitoring tools are used to help gauge progress and adjust our approach to achieve our stage goal.

Competition Clients are encouraged but not required to follow up their prep with a reverse/recovery diet.  This time frame of the reverse/recovery diet depends on the length of competition prep and helps curb weight rebound.

Posing Clinic

How you present yourself on stage can mean the difference between 1st place or 5th place.  GPS Coaching will assist you with finding the best way to present yourself on stage according to your personality, build and physique, helping you bring out your best.

Posing consult can be accomplished by Skype or Facebook messenger.  Also, keep your eyes open for GPS Coaching Posing Clinics in the future.

Natural Federations
This is only a small sample of the natural federations you can choose from.  I'd recommend attending different events, research each federation to find the right fit for you.  There is no right or wrong, just different.  GPS Coaching doesn't endorse any one federation over another!
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