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There are a variety of services provided at GPS Coaching to fit any goal.  From lifestyle nutrition tracking, posing consult or an individualized and detailed coaching for competitors, we can find the right service for your needs.  Feel free to contact me for a free consult about the services available and see what GPS Coaching can do for you.

Chris Goodman ACSM PT, IPE Pro.

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Lifestyle Client


When you think you are doing everything right but yet the scale doesn't budge or you are not seeing the changes you had hoped to see, GPS Coaching can help guide you on your fitness journey.  Lifestyle clients will receive guidance on fueling the body and incorporating cardio appropriately.  We can structure nutrition tracking to be as simple or detailed as preferred for success.  Weekly check in's by email will help us adjust macro nutrients and cardio to achieve a desired outcome.  Resistance training is strongly encouraged and is available in addition to nutrition and cardio manipulation. 

Lifestyle:  $75 for 4 weeks

Competition Prep

A coach isn't required to compete, but having someone in your corner makes the process less stressful by taking out the guesswork and providing an objective view of the process.  GPS Coaching clients will receive guidance throughout the process with more attention to the details needed to achieve stage leanness, balancing cardio and macro nutrient manipulation, posing consult and stage preparation.  Competition Prep clients also have more contact to coaching beyond the weekly check in's to help with those difficult times everyone has during prep.  Weekly check in's are done by weekly emails, due on Friday morning, where we will review nutrition, personal well being and can give suggestions for posing from photographs.  One on one posing fees are below.  You can choose to have nutrition/cardio only or have specialized training included.  Training would be specific to help optimize your physique and symmetry and will be designed to bring out your best.  Because everyone reacts differently, packages can be customized to your length of prep and also be used for the recovery phase.  I do highly recommend AT LEAST 20 weeks to get the most out of your prep.  Gone are the days of a 12 week prep.

Competition prep: $115 for 4 weeks.

Competition Recovery


One of THE toughest issues with competition is what to do when you are done...  GPS Coaching will help guide you through the challenges of balancing weight recovery, incremental increase of macros, the slow decrease cardio while handling the unique mental challenges of post competition.  Ideal recovery can range from 6-12 weeks depending on the length of the competition prep, but this can also be as short or as long as desired.  I will make sure you have the tools to continue on your own as you increase your metabolic capacity. Do not underestimate the importance of post contest recovery. 

Competition Recovery:  6 weeks, $150

Training cycle

Sometimes you would just like someone else to set up your training so you don't have to think.  My training cycles are a one time fee for a 4-8 week cycle that can be repeated over time.  After you have repeated the cycle over time, adjustments can be made again for another flat fee.  I use a progressive overload principle with deloads worked in to break up the cycles.  Video links are sent to help you understand any uncommon lifts and help do better on the most common as well.

Training fee:  $20 training cycle.

Posing Consult & Stage Presentation


After all the hard work, dieting for weeks on end, hitting the gym and pushing yourself every single don't want to leave any stone unturned. A posing consult can help.  Posing Consult can be purchased separately while you work independently or with a different coach.  With Stage Presentation, we will work together to design a routine that will show off your personality. GPS Coaching clients have both designed their own stage presentation or have asked me to design one for them. While posing consult is included with the Competition Client, in depth routine design for Stage Presentation is not.

Posing consult 60 min session, $20/session

Stage Presentation/choreography with 60min session, $40/session

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